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If you are a person, who would like an automated solution to logging into your favourite sites & Basic Auth without popping up, this extension is for you. 

What it does

Capture credentials once.(i.e on Entering password , click on the autologin icon on right top within the page)
And whenever you go to the site , The addon will automatically log in.
Secure your Autologin with setting a password , Autologin ->Options
Drop me a note on fb if something is breaking :( or you need one for your organisation.

Updates V4.6
Fixed console errors

Updates V4.5
Fixed issues pertaining to portnumber multiple
Added howto video

Updates V4.4.1
Fixed breaking issues
FAQ updated

Updates V4.4.0
Added Autologin icon to appear only on input focus
can be modified to make icon always through settings
issue: - Autologin icon dissappears after reload pressed

Updates V4.3.1
Fixed Settings & Basic Auth Related issues

Updates V4.2
Imporved performance.
Removed debug messages

Updates V4.0
Updated Security using AES
FAQ Updated
Settings UI Changed
Used Generic framework for creating extension
Issue fix Autologin does not work on home page

Updates V3.2
     Import Export Autologin data
     UI restructured on settings
     General issue fixes

Updates V3.0
   Manage Multiple Passwords through Autologin Options
   Use Autologin for Basic Authentication popups
   Move Autologin Capture Icon
   Hide Autologin capture Icon when input box not in viewport
   Delete Individual Credential from Autologin Options
   Removed Autologin for Captcha & OTP required pages.
   Modified Capture Mechanism to use XPath.   

Changed the Algorithm for Capturing to work across multiple sites. 

Automated login to your websites , with saved username /password

Enable /Disable auto login for individual websites.

Autologin Information Protected by password.

Option of having a prompt for password before Automatic Login to sites


We dont inject any Ads
We dont store any information on server.
The plugin is Open Source  Have a look at


Privacy Policy

Sponsor Project

Goto Autologin Options => Support

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    ZOTLAR TURIZEM - avatar


  • 2018年11月26日
  • Steals mail adresses !!!
  • Jordi Boloix - avatar
  • Jordi Boloix


  • 2018年08月11日
  • Saved me for to script logons on all company webdashboards.. easy to use and the import/export is a must awesome work. P.S. Could be nice if it allowed to log on the basic page and then go to further within, but is ok
  • Ray Nazzaro - avatar
  • Ray Nazzaro


  • 2018年07月28日
  • A perfect app but... After adding a website it seems you must restart the browser for Autologin to work. That's not a problem but there is no mention of this in the app so it's a lot of wasted time trying to troubleshoot. Also, no version number visible.
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