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Blue Light Filter Guard may follow the use of the environment and individual status, set the filter level and mode.Filter harmful blue light on the eye injury, take care of eye health.
Low brightness and mild color filters, so that the eye is less prone to fatigue, eye health protection

1)Green: Increase Comfort
2)Brown: Increase contrast
3)Gray: decrease brightness
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    LostHopeX9 - avatar
  • LostHopeX9


  • Nov 16, 2018
  • This is awful and it never changes anything; just go to your display settings and turn on the night light or night mode and if thats not enough there should be a slider below that so you can make the screen warmer.
  • Mars Arts - avatar
  • Mars Arts


  • Oct 06, 2018
  • Didn't even work
  • Sarah B - avatar
  • Sarah B


  • Sep 01, 2018
  • Works fine, it just takes a few sec. to kick in when a page loads. I'd give it an extra star if it worked on YouTube videos, and worked without a lag.
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