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Shortcut to return to the page from which you opened the current tab.

Motivation: you have a list of search results. You opened the first 5 in new tabs and closed the results list. Now you read the 5 top results, but they do not answer your question so you want to go back to the search page.

Without this extension, you would need to search your history or spam undo close tab. 

This extension conveniently solves the problem by taking you straight back to the origin page, re-opening it if necessary.

You can even use it recursively on tabs opened by tab origin; the extension tracks the history.

I suggest the shortcut is cmd/ctrl-shift-u, set from the bottom of Extensions page.
When origin information is unavailable for a tab a "N/A" badge is shown.

Port of my Tab Origin add-on from Firefox.
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  • 2017年02月15日
  • Really convenient and cool feature!
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