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Tab Management has a new hero. 

If you've ever found yourself hunting for a tab in the forest of tabs you irrationally insist on having open, then TabNudger should prove helpful to you. 

We noticed an annoying problem in our own workflow, which was that we'd often find ourselves with so many tabs open in Chrome that we'd often end up "hunting" for some tab we just worked on or now needed. This was wasteful and distracting effort that made it harder for us to be effective when working on Chrome. We looked to natural human behavior in the analog world for a solution. Our proposed solution is, just like when one works on a desk where the papers one works on recently is naturally on top of the stack of work papers, tabs a user works on should consistently move to the top. With TabNudger installed, any tab that a user works on for a not insignificant amount of time is nudged to the first or last position among the user's likely many tabs. It's a simple and surprisingly effective fix for a frustrating problem afflicting millions of Chrome users. Now, there's much less of a need to close, organize, snooze, or suspend excess tabs!   

We hope you'll find the extension as helpful as we do, and if you find yourself loving our solution, please consider DONATING by visiting us at :)
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  • 2018年12月27日
  • classy and efficient
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  • Edgar


  • 2018年12月20日
  • A very simple, but effective solution for a common and deceptively costly problem of too many tabs open in Chrome!
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