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Many websites that require you to login has a session timeout. This means if you are not active for certain period of time your session will expire and when you click on a link or try to post a form next time you will be asked to login again.

To keep the session active you must keep clicking on some links or keep reloading pages.

This extension will do this for you in the background. Once logged in, the extension will keep requesting pages from the website at pre-determined intervals so your session will stay alive without you having to manually reload pages so you will not be kicked back to login form if you were away from you computer for long period of time.


* Can have multiple background rules running at the same time, keeping active sessions for more that one website.

* Can see the running background requests from the extension popup menu. Can see counter of requests made per site and live countdown until the next background request.

* Some websites implement idle timeout in the browser with JavaScript. This extension can defeat these type of timeouts too 
by periodically reloading the current page in the browser tab.

* Can cancel background request from the popup window.

* Can have setup rules to not accept certain cookies by the background processes.

* Can include extra header/value with background and reload requests

* Option to play beep 10 seconds before page reload.

* Option to disable power-saving mode to prevent computer from hibernating while background requests are running.

This is an Open Source project!

The source code of this extension is released under the MIT Open Source license and available on github 

I hope other extension developers will find this project helpful when developing their own extensions.
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    Brandon Zylstra - avatar
  • Brandon Zylstra


  • May 17, 2018
  • This does not work reliably, the background request does not work at all for me, and the beep is WAY TOO LOUD. But it partially fulfills a very important role, so I'm living with it until I can find something better. Also, it needs to ASK YOU before deleting your work. That's unforgivable. The solution others give of making it apply only to other pages that you're not working on is not a good one. The plug in should do its job without requiring lots of extra work and attention by the user, AND without causing the user harm.
  • Franklin Davis - avatar
  • Franklin Davis


  • Feb 09, 2018
  • The background request option is perfect! I tried dozens of other auto-refresh, auto-reload extensions, and none of them automatically remember to work on particular sites, and work in the background without actually reloading my page. One suggestion: explain to put the initial URL as the trigger url, but the home page after logged-in as the background request url.
  • Shane Taylor - avatar
  • Shane Taylor


  • May 12, 2017
  • Works great, but it is annoying when you are on the page and it reloads causing you to lose your data. It does have a warning, but sometimes it is not enough. Wish there was a setting that would stop that. Otherwise very useful, makes so many websites much better now.
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