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Pricely is a lightweight price comparison extension that doesn't bother you with intrusive ads or offers and promises to improve your shopping experience every time you buy something online. Our latest version allows you to spend your BTC at Amazon as well.

We compare prices of items you are currently shopping for with major retailers' prices such as Amazon to ensure that you are not only getting the best price but that you don't need to go through more hassle than you need to to shop online.

Pricely promises to never bother you with annoying offers or popups unless it detects that you can save money and time by just going to a major retailer. Other than that, it'll always be waiting for you to click on it for a price check!

Unlike many other price comparisons that rely on shopping site aggregators, we manually add support for each shopping site to the extension to ensure that we can you with the optimal user experience. New sites are being added daily!
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    Aaron Fung - avatar
  • Aaron Fung


  • 2013年10月18日
  • Good idea but I could not get the price reduction pop up to show up no matter what I did or how long I waited. Hope it gets fix. Will keep this plugin in the meantime.
  • Kris Starring - avatar
  • Kris Starring


  • 2013年10月18日
  • Great app. Gave me a deal on a camera that saved me $250 on a Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera.
  • Trish Soriano - avatar
  • Trish Soriano


  • 2013年10月18日
  • I didn't get a price reduction for the mech turk hit, but I searched for a camera and I got the popup notifying me of a better price elsewhere. Great app!
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