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* You must have to uncheck "Ask where to save each file before downloading".

It is an extension that helps you to search and download all the videos in the page from Iwara video and search list.

Google Drive and Iwara internal videos are automatically available for download, and youtube video will show link on list.
At the time of batch download, it is saved as "Author\Title.mp4".

Working on: Video list, search result page, member info page, member video list, video view page.

* Features

Video batch download. (Include google drive video.)
Download only selected videos.
Preview video capacity. (Iwara video only works.)
Organize by folder and title.

* Changelog

v 1.0.0
First release.

v 1.0.1
Added a function that download Google Drive video.

v 1.0.2
Added a function that does not download duplicate videos.

v 1.0.3
Added a function that get source name if name is too long.

v 1.0.4
Fix thumbnail image problem.
Now you can download video on video view page.

v 1.0.5
Support https.
Fix detection / downloading problem.
Add option that 'Stop download if file name was dduplicated'.
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