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  • Missing Gmail™ & Google™ Black Bar
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  • Last Update : Aug 14, 2018
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***Works with the new version of GMail***

06/2018 - Added Unread button to quickly show all unread messages

For those of you that don't like the new shortcut block Google has substituted for the black bar across the top of the Gmail (and others) page I offer this alternative. This extensions will add a black shortcut bar to the top of the Google Search, Gmail, Contacts, Google Drive, Groups, Sites and Calendar pages with all the links from the old version plus some useful new ones.

Pressing the Alt+G keyboard shortcut will open the toolbar menu.

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    Drake H - avatar
  • Drake H


  • Nov 07, 2013
  • THANK YOU! I can't believe Google replaced the bar with the stupid grid box... Turns every single task into a two click operation.
  • Ian Curry - avatar
  • Ian Curry


  • Nov 06, 2013
  • A perfect workaround until Google listen to users and allow the bar to be customised or revert to the original.