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Access data on companies (public, private, large, small, across all sectors!) directly in your browser tab as you navigate the web, eliminating the need for multiple tabs.

As you browse a company’s website, the Craft Chrome Extension allows you to quickly view a summary snapshot of company information, in a right hand column, including office locations, description, operating metrics, summary financials, and more.

Save time by streamlining your process: 
When you’re on a company’s website, simply click the plugin icon in your browser header to display Craft details on the company. You can click through to a full company profile on if you want to browse more information about the company.

Perusing a website for a company that is not yet profiled on Craft? Just submit the company website directly in our plugin to request for the company to be added.
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  • 2019年01月29日
  • Super cool! Very useful. Great work, thanks!
  • Seb Butt - avatar
  • Seb Butt


  • 2019年01月18日
  • An existing source of high quality data about companies, Craft has made it even more convenient to access through this extension; a personalised company crib sheet to hand when you need it, especially useful for prospecting calls.
  • Elissa Maercklein - avatar
  • Elissa Maercklein


  • 2019年01月18日
  • I like the simplicity and ease of use, especially for sales prospect intelligence - super helpful for researching companies without having to leave the company's website to get some more information on them.
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