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Porn is here and it's harmful. Visit https://yourbrainonporn.com to learn it's poisonous effects on you. 

This extension will block pornographic results from all torrent search engines. Don't worry it won't block other torrents if it's not porn.

# Works on almost all torrent sites.
# Non-Porn torrents that may contain adult words are carefully whitelisted, so that 
  only porn results are blocked.
# Adult advertisements on torrent sites are also blocked (Coming Soon).

I would be very grateful if you could support me, and this app's development.

Bitcoin Address: 1KzzqGigQYG4pQRs1ALu5P1Qo6cGRA9fvR 
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    Shubham Mittal - avatar
  • Shubham Mittal


  • Aug 15, 2017
  • I think i've done a pretty good job with it :D If you need any help with this extension, there is a 'SUPPORT' tab next to this one.