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Google to Jira (GTJ) is the ultimate extension that connects your Google Apps (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Groups) to Jira with it's fresh and intuitive user experience.

✔ Make sure to download GTJ app on your Jira instance from Atlassian marketplace.
 Major features include:

   ► Create, Edit and Comment on Jira tickets using Google Mail (Gmail), Groups, and 

   ► E-mail Subject will be the Summary & Body as the Description or Comment.

   ► You can include the e-mail itself as attachment(.html format).

   ► Upload e-mail attachments and inline images.

   ► Tag e-mails used via GTJ to open related issues on a later time.

   ► Select one or more attachment from your Google Drive files & simply upload them 
     to Jira in one click.

   ► Auto detect Issue key from e-mail subject

   ► Auto detect the meetings & events duration in Google Calendar to be Logged as 
     work on Jira.

   ► Select any text in Chrome browser, right click and get all GTJ features (Create, 
     Edit, and Comment) from the selected text.

   ► Supports Jira actions on the fly (GTJ icon on the top right corner of Chrome) to 
     Create/Edit/Comment on Jira
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    Samuel Hautcoeur - avatar
  • Samuel Hautcoeur


  • 2017年04月08日
  • Good - would be even better if it supported Google Groups as well!
  • Feras EL HAJJAR - avatar
  • Feras EL HAJJAR


  • 2016年09月22日
  • it's amazing how I can upload now my emails and related attachments to JIRA directly from my Gmail window. Well done!
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