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Features Overview:
* Easily add worklog with drag & drop, copy features.
* View various reports related to worklog, sprint, estimates and custom generated report.
* Integrate with calendar to automatically generate worklog for meetings with single click.
* Lots of customization options including skin & other settings.
* Integrate with multiple Jira server / account and track data individually.

For browsers other than chrome or report any issues / suggestions or for additional details check: https://github.com/shridhar-tl/jira-assistant

* Create multiple dashboard of your own
* Add gadgets to your dashboards and customize it
* Change the layout of the dashboard to personalize the look
* Custom Gadgets - Add your saved query to dashboard as gadgets
* Share reports and gadgets - Share the gadget / reports built by you with others.
* Drag and drop to rearrange the order of your gadgets

Calendar / Worklog:
* Helps to easily log and upload work against a Jira Ticket and display it in calendar format.
* Help track missing or pending worklog for individual days.
* Copy existing worklog.
* Drag and drop worklog to change date & time. Press Alt key while drag and drop to copy the worklog to target.
* Integrate with Google Calendar to automatically generate worklog for meetings.

* Customize what should be displayed when clicking on JA icon in browser
* Show either customized list of menu, directly launch any selected page or show a dashboard in small popover.

* Multiple new skins were available to personalize the look and feel.

* Create multiple groups and add your team members to appropriate groups
* Use these groups with other reports
* Set different timezone for individual user and group and use that time zone while generating worklog report.

User daywise report / worklog report:
* View daywise report for selected group of users and customize for different timezone for a selected date range.
* Filter the data to be fetched with custom JQL.

Sprint report:
* View report based on sprint and export it to excel with multiple tabs. (Experimental)
* Display velocity chart using line graph

Estimate vs Actual report:
* View Estimate vs Actual report based on users work log details.
* Estimate can be either story point based or estimated hours based.
* Reports can be viewed for individual project(s) or individual ticket(s) or mix of both.

Custom report:
* Generate reports with custom fields / format, based on custom filters, and filters.

Advanced report builder (currently in BETA):
* A report builder component which enables the user to develop custom report with multiple options.

Other Features:
* Show notification and launch hangout url of meeting based on configuration (need to be configure in settings page).
* Remind you to log work on daily basis using chrome notification (need to be configure in settings page).
* Notify you for the new comments added in Jira (only your tickets or comments tagged to you)
* Rich and easy user interface.

Youtube video to help you setup: https://www.youtube.com/embed/f2aBSXzbYuA?rel=0&autoplay=1&showinfo=0&cc_load_policy=1

If you like this tool please consider donating us: https://paypal.me/shridhartl
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    ren chen - avatar
  • ren chen


  • 2018年09月14日
  • Cool ! Can I change the status of Jira issues in this extension?
  • Header Browse - avatar
  • Header Browse


  • 2018年05月17日
  • very cool!
  • Rakesh - avatar
  • Rakesh


  • 2019年02月14日
  • Excellent extension for chrome and Jira users. Simplified the tasks, clean UI and options to customoze the basic setup. There are similar Jira plugins at Jira server level, but this simple chrome extension made the experience amazing. Thanks to the developers for your tremendous efforts in developing the extension and providing for free.
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