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  • Last Update : May 15, 2018
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  • Version : 3.0.1
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This extension adds a plus and minus button to the Twitch Chat to enable you to make the text size larger and smaller to ease reading of the chat from a greater distance.

Just install this extension and load your favourite channels to see the buttons in action!

•  Add permissions for rawgit
• Complete rewrite
• Consistent loading
• Works with VODs
• New Twitch HTML fix
• Legacy what?
• Update for beta site (still includes legacy support)
• Fixed for Twitch's latest layout update
• Updated last size remembering so extension actually worked
• Added feature to remember last set font size
• Updated to Twitch's new HTML structure
• Buttons correctly function again
• Buttons now load when using internal links
• Trying to fix issue with store version of extension not working
• Fixed buttons so they actually work
• Buttons always add to chat
• Buttons have cleaner images
• Font size changing buttons added to twitch chat
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    Andrew Else - avatar
  • Andrew Else


  • 132 days ago
  • Thank you sooo much. Even with 20/20 vision the small font size was an issue for me. I had to concentrate so hard to follow the chat but now I can sit back and relax <3
  • Na Cl - avatar
  • Na Cl


  • May 12, 2018
  • good
  • Mitchell Platt - avatar
  • Mitchell Platt


  • Nov 28, 2017
  • Does what it says on the tin. I can make the text channel smaller or larger if I'd like, and the extension itself is very clean, thus it blends in with the site perfectly.
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