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This extension adds two hotkeys:

cmd + shift + P  (move current tab left: wraps if at index/position 0)
cmd + shift + O  (move current tab right: wraps if at index/position len(tabcount))

Why '\\' was not used:
Using plain window level javascript, keydown/press/up events are not capture-able when the focus is on the address bar or other non-window chrome elements (i.e. everything outside of the current loaded page). Because of this, the extension makes use of a lower level key input capture (at the chrome application level) to catch hotkey input. Unfortunately, only a-zA-Z and 0-9 can be captured, disqualifying '\\' :(

If your keys are already bound (shouldn't be by default), you will need to re-bind them in your chrome extensions options page (scroll to the bottom)
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  • Nicholas Anaya


  • 2017年04月12日
  • This chrome extension changed my life. My productivity improved tenfold. Never will I ever have to lift my fingers off of my keyboard again. The problems that plagued me when moving tabs in chrome are now gone. And thanks to this extension, I have now found inner peace, nirvana, and all the like. 10/10 would tab move with mac hotkey again.
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