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The Vend + Collect In-Store Redemption Extension makes it quick and easy to check customers' rewards and offers they have available and redeem them with a single click.  
Once installed, when a customer is added in point-of-sale, the extension will load the customer's profile, prompting staff to ask the customer if they would like to redeem a reward and allowing them to double check that the customer is entitled to any coupon they present. 

Now supports % OFF!
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  • Denver Electronic Cigarettes


  • 2018年04月25日
  • Good stuff for sure
  • JoJo Vapes - avatar
  • JoJo Vapes


  • 2016年03月16日
  • This extension works great. It makes adding the customers redemptions very easy and fast. Collect offers excellent support and quick updates if any issues occur.
  • Sterling Lutes - avatar
  • Sterling Lutes


  • 2016年03月12日
  • 3/11/2016:It works, but it broke the ability to edit customers in Vend. Hopefully the developers will get on this soon because it made redeeming points a lot easier. For now I will have to remove this from my extensions until a fix is added. Edit 3/16/2016: Collect Fixed all issues and we are once again using the extension across all 7 of our locations with no issues.
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