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Must be legal drinking age.
Stay safe from World Jr. score spoilage with the World Jr. Spoiler Alerter Chrome Extension.
The World Jr.’s take place in Ufa, Russia. The time difference means that most people in North America will be sleeping when the game’s on – and will probably record it to watch later. The World Jr. Spoiler Alerter makes sure that you won’t find out the score, until you want to find out the score. Because let’s face it, as a sports fan, there’s nothing worse than someone blabbing the score and ruining the game for you.
* Detect Score Spoilers
The World Jr. Spoiler Alerter detects content on websites that will ruin the score for you.
* Receive Alerts
Whenever the World Jr. Spoiler Alerter detects a spoiler on a website, you’ll receive a warning page that allows you to go back to your previous page or proceed at your own risk.
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  • Scott Lyons


  • 2012年12月22日
  • Great extension. Can't wait for the Juniors to kick off!
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