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Launches Google Messages in a dedicated window.
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    Gary Gunderson - avatar
  • Gary Gunderson


  • 149 天前
  • Clean and simple. This does exactly what it says it does.... launches Android Messages for Web into its own stripped-down window from an extension button on your browser. Currently, I've got it installed on Microsoft's Chromium based Edge. It appears happy to be there so far.
  • Chadwick Warfield - avatar
  • Chadwick Warfield


  • 2019年02月28日
  • There are currently two options for using the Android Messages app on a computer. You can either leave a browser tab open to, or you can install one of a few similar Chrome extensions that launch that URL in a dedicated window. You won't get Windows notifications unless you have a tab or window open to that URL. I like this extension because I can launch a standalone window and immediately minimize it. When I get a Windows notification (currently using Windows 7, I'll test Windows 10 later) I can click on the notification and it gives focus to the dedicated window that was sitting minimized in my task bar. This lets me quickly and easily respond to texts! I also like the fact that clicking on the extension button multiple times does not open multiple standalone messenger windows. It just gives focus to the existing window. There is a second extension that is essentially identical called Messages for Web by I don't like that one because clicking the extension button in Chrome opens multiple windows, rather than bringing focus back to the existing one.
  • O F - avatar
  • O F


  • 2019年02月08日
  • I was able to "Pin" the messages webpage on my Chromebook (Neverware CloudReady) using this, and send messages as if it was the Dedicated messages app on a full blown Android OS. No issues - thanks for this!
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