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Get Things Done!

With Kanbanly you can easily prioritize your To-Do list tasks, limit work-in-progress to improve productivity and filter the view based on due dates or custom search strings.

Since Kanbanly uses Google Tasks API, you need to login to a Google account in order to manage your tasks.

Feature highlights:
- Multiple color options for Kanban task cards
- Drag & drop interface for prioritizing, changing phase, changing list etc.
- New tasks can be added directly from Gmail to your Kanban board
- Supports multiple lists (projects) for managing tasks
- Filter/search that supports regular expressions
- Supports Reminders & Due Dates for tasks
- Tasks can have tags and you can search by using a tag
- Filtering based on task Due Date
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    n ascentt - avatar
  • n ascentt


  • 70 days ago
  • Impressive so far
  • Tony Diep - avatar
  • Tony Diep


  • Jan 14, 2019
  • This kanban is really well done!
  • Ben Dittbrenner - avatar
  • Ben Dittbrenner


  • Oct 05, 2018
  • For those on the quest for the ultimate task management process, this is one more excellent tool. No bells or whistles, but it does exactly what it says, and is well thought out and functional.
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