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  • Ban List Importer (For Twitch) [Beta]
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This tool (in beta) lets you import a list of ban words. Right now, the process for loading in ban words is slow for large lists. This tool is for those who have a lot of ban words to put in, potentially across many accounts. Comprehensive and sophisticated ban lists are important when creating a safe and inclusive environment in Twitch chat.

To use:
1. Navigate to your banned-words page in the twitch dashboard (
2. Click on the purple ban hammer icon in the top right of Chrome. (Don't change tabs)
3. Type or paste your terms, separated by a comma
4. Click ban.
5. Do not touch the mouse or keyboard while running, this will interrupt the process.

If you wish to stop at some point, simply close the tab. 

This will not override your existing banned words. Words can be deleted the normal way via the trash can icon.

This is an experimental tool that is no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Twitch Interactive and may stop working at any time. We'll try to keep this up to date as time allows. 
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