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  • YouTube Channel Whitelist for uBlock Origin
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This extension allows you to whitelist specific channels from uBlock Origin, while also allowing you to blacklist, mute specific advertisers and skip unskippable ads!

To get started, add the following line to uBlock Origin's whitelist:


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    Tyler - avatar
  • Tyler


  • 2018年08月21日
  • The only app/script/etc. that I'm aware of which ACTUALLY allows you to whitelist YouTube channels if you're using uBlock Origin. My one complaint is that I would like to be able to add channels to my whitelist through the extension, rather then having to do so on a channel/video. You can remove channels from your whitelist within the extension, and import/export, but you can't just type the name of a channel and add it to your list. I would appreciate that option, but overall, the extension still gets the job done, and is pretty easy to use, so I definitely recommend it.
  • Verner Sass - avatar
  • Verner Sass


  • 2018年06月25日
  • It works as intended. Now I can feel better about myself.
  • SujiMayne - avatar
  • SujiMayne


  • 2018年05月25日
  • Awesome! I really needed this! But there is one bug: Enabling ads on a specific video doesn't automatically enable it for the channel page, yet on the channel page its shown as enabled. While enabling ads on channel page enables it for both the channel page and all videos from the channel. That's how it's supposed to work.
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