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A supplement to the English Striker Manager (http://en* that adds a Transfer Market.

There are 2 existing markets in Striker Manager: auctions and loan markets.  Striker Manager also allows transfer agreements, but they must be done informally.  The Market forum allows posting descriptions of players for sale, but is crude and very hard to search.

This extension fills in the gap.  Now you can list any player, regardless of senior/junior/re-signed junior as being for sale.  This extension adds menu items and icons to help you see players that are for sale, and also adds a market where you can search for players by the finest of details including skills and stats.  Once you have found a player that you wish to buy, you then contact the owner to negotiate directly with him or her, just as one does now with a transfer agreement.

In addition, you can create customized saved searches.  If a player is listed for sale that matches one of your saved searches, you will get a notification upon logging into the website with a link to the player and a brief description of the player's average, age and name.

This will be most useful for very rare players, as auctions tend to get the best and most accurate pricing, with less chance of a fine penalty.

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    Shantanu Gupta - avatar
  • Shantanu Gupta


  • 2013年01月10日
  • Awesome piece of work.. Must have extension for SM lovers :)
  • Peter Pullen - avatar
  • Peter Pullen


  • 2013年01月07日
  • Very nice, thanks!
  • Rick Raible - avatar
  • Rick Raible


  • 2012年12月27日
  • Lookin' good!
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