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Domain whitelist (DW) is worlds smallest interactive ad blocker.
It blocks all HTTP requests. If you want to see some website,
you must explicitly allow its domain (in popup window displayed
when you click on DW button). After you install DW, first few
hours will be very intense! It's not for everybody.

DW is extremely small, the source code has only 5 kB. This is
extremely important because now anybody can read the source
and understand it. The best way how to use DW is to create
your own extension based on it, because when it comes to ad
blocking, you should not trust anyone. Not even me!

DW is distributed under GNU GPL licence version 3 or later.
Please report bugs to
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  • I have used previously a number of extensions in order to cope with ads and all that related annoying stuff so far all had disappointed me, the most popular add blocker made me lose my patience luckily to the rescue comes this extension by Dusan. It solved all my problems. Yes it requires prior knowledge of the web addresses and on what their purpose is, but as soon as you master it it becomes smooth and effective in the elimination of all unwanted including the ads. Bravo Dusan. I hope other people will spend time mastering it then its benefit will pay off greatly!
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