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🔗 Linkify Ethereum Addresses - Makes Ethereum addresses (& ENS addresses) into links to your favoruite block explorer. If you hover over these links, it will show you how much ETH the address has and how many transactions it has.

🔍 Block Explorer - search the blockchain with an 0x address or transaction hash and get human readable results.

🏷️ Add Labels to Addresses - No need to remember the long hex string if you can add human readable labels to addresses. Create your own address book that is integrated with the block explorer functionality.

🚫 Block you from malicious domains - EAL keeps a daily-updated blacklist of known phishing domains to help you keep your funds/secrets secure. The blacklist is saved locally to the extension every 10 minutes to keep your privacy intact. The only time you hit a 3rd party service is when the extension caches the blacklists - services are Github and Infura.

✔️ History Checker - Along with the domain blocker, there is also a history checker to analyze your browser history to alert you if you've been on a now-known bad domain.

📑 Bookmark your favourite domains - having easy reliable links to domains you trust. These bookmarks are displayed in the top of the extension window and are 100% controlled by you.

✏️ Custom RPC node - don't rely on us for the data if you run your own node. Go into the extension settings and set your own RPC node to use. EAL comes with a node provided by Quiknode on mainnet, but feel free to change it to one you control on any Ethereum network.

🐦 Twitter Trust Badges - to combat the phishing/scamming on Twitter, EAL will inject a trust-badge next to the Twitter handle to show if it is to be trusted. Data is sourced from hiveone.

Full details and changelog:

EAL will also show you a popup container (non-intrusive) detailing the ETH balance of an address, the number of transactions going OUT, and if the address is a smart contract - The RPC node is managed by, so mega-thanks to those guys!

Currently in BETA phase.
Push issues to

Donation address: 0x661b5dc032bedb210f225df4b1aa2bdd669b38bc
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    Luke - avatar
  • Luke


  • 2017年10月17日
  • 很棒的一个插件,极大的降低了在slack或者其他地方访问了骗子网站导致秘钥被盗的可能。 超赞!
  • Dr. Mark Butterfield - avatar
  • Dr. Mark Butterfield


  • 2018年05月20日
  • Thank you thank you thank you, Harry!
  • Yasitha Nawagamuwa - avatar
  • Yasitha Nawagamuwa


  • 2018年05月09日
  • why is that myEtherWallet link is not visible in the extension and is replaced to mycrypto wallet? I am sooo confused.... :(
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