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Using our plagiarism checker chrome extension chrome users can scan any content for plagiarism with just one click. All you have to do is that select the text that you want to check for plagiarism. Open options menu with right click of the button and then click on "Check Plagiarism for selected text".
It’s 100% free extension, we suggest you to create a free account so that you can check unlimited text. 
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    MR Jason - avatar
  • MR Jason


  • 68 天前
  • So much better then other tools.
  • Ahmad Sattar - avatar
  • Ahmad Sattar


  • 2019年02月02日
  • Used this tool and found it very useful. Sometime we don't have time to find the source of a text. Using this its easy. High recommended if you are looking for quick plagiarism checking solution.
  • Vanessa Kreis - avatar
  • Vanessa Kreis


  • 2018年10月27日
  • Great tool. Worked easily and has a lot of flexibility because of the simple interface. I only wish there were something that would let you highlight text and view it on the same page rather than navigating away. Overall, I highly recommend for a quick check of a source or piece of writing.
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