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Hacker News OnePage is an extension for news.ycombinator.com.  It allows you to view the news articles in a left column, while viewing the article or comments on the right. You never have to leave Hacker News to view any of the comments or articles. OnePage also highlights the articles and comments that you click on, allowing you to easily see what you have read.

Author: Tim Dupree

03/13/2013 - Updated to work with https://news.ycombinator.com

08/30/2012 - I have update the extension with a fix which allows the comments page to be loaded into the side by side view again. I will get the extension source code up on Github soon. Enjoy - Tim

08/07/2012 - HN has added "X-FRAME-OPTIONS: Deny" headers to their pages. This prevents the comments pages from loading into the side by side view.  I will work on a fix for this over the following week. I will also get the project up on github.com. Cheers - Tim
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  • Jared


  • 2011年11月04日
  • Works ok but sites with frame busters break it and it seems when there is a post, such as a job, that doesn't have a comments page every post afterwards have their comments offset.
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