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Want to improve your reading speed?

1- Select some text on the webpage
2- Click on the "R" icon

And here you go, ready to rock =)



Version 0.9.5
-Minor changes

Version 0.9.4
- Added a new shortcut, Backspace, to go back to start.
- Added some tips on the options page that may improve your reading experience.
- Fixed an issue caused by the spacebar key.

Version 0.9.3
- A link to the options page has been added
- A loading animation has been added
- Fixed a couple of bugs caused by the spacebar key

Version 0.9.2
- Read fast should now work properly on every website (note that it doesn't work on pdf files)

Version 0.9.1
- Possibility to set the delay before the reading starts (on the options page)
- Performance improvement

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    Guohui Chen - avatar
  • Guohui Chen


  • 2015年05月27日
  • 有趣,但不实用 It's interesting , but not so useful
  • Leandro Cavalcante - avatar
  • Leandro Cavalcante


  • 2014年07月18日
  • Muitíssimo interessante! Mudando o hábito de leitura.
  • Adam J - avatar
  • Adam J


  • 2014年07月11日
  • I like this quite a bit. I've read some stuff in the past that implies that these programs aren't necessarily the effect at making you retain the information. In my experience using this (like twice mine you) I've started off reading each word really choppy, and i think that's what will cause the lack of retention, but that's just a guess. Once I got used to reading it with flow I fell in love with it. It also kind of forces you to read sections to entirety, which is great cause I have like no attention span. All in all, I think this is an awesome extension, assuming of course my brain is effectively retain all the info. This is a long comment so you should have probably speed read it.
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