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Your favorite store has a reward program that requires you to add each coupon one by one? Do you want to just enter your reward number and get some $ off?

This extension is what you need! Go to your favorite reward program, click on the extension, click start, wait, and boom! All the coupons are loaded to your account. Next time you checkout, enter your reward number, and if there is any coupon matching what you bought, see your bill decrease!

Note: This extension is intended to the people who don't want to spend time looking at coupons and buying the products depending on the available coupons.

Currently supported reward programs:
- Just For U (Jewel Osco)

This application is still in development, feel free to reach out to me at if you would like your favorite reward program to be added to this list!

Update 0.1.0:
- Support for new version of MyMixx.
- Fresh new look.
- Bug Fixes.

Update 0.1.1:
- Bug Fixes.

Update 0.2.0:
- Support for new version of Just For U (Jewel Osco rewards program).

Update 0.2.1:
- Updated Support for Just For U.
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