AxieDex - The Ultimate Axie Extension

游戏娱乐插件用户量: 10000大小: 19.97MiB版本: v 2.45更新时间: 2021-12-21
用户量:10000大小:19.97MiB版本:v 2.45更新时间:2021-12-21

An extension to display comprehensive Axies information on the Marketplace. Tremendously useful for finding your perfect Axie.

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扩展大小:19.97 MiB


版本:v 2.45

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这是来自Chrome商店的 AxieDex - The Ultimate Axie Extension 浏览器插件,您可以在当前页面下载它的最新版本安装文件,并安装在Chrome、Edge等浏览器上。

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AxieDex - The Ultimate Axie Extension插件安装教程/方法:


(2) 从设置->更多工具->扩展程序 打开扩展程序页面,或者地址栏输入 Chrome://extensions/ 按下回车打开扩展程序页面

(3) 打开扩展程序页面的“开发者模式”

(4) 将crx文件拖拽到扩展程序页面,


🎮Official Discord: I'll share all the new features and you will be able to contact me directly there! 👍🏻 📆 V 2.45 - UPDATE 2022/03/16 🎉 Horn Axie Origin Cards are now viewable 🥳 📆 V 2.43 - UPDATE 2022/03/12 🎉 Axie Origin Cards are now viewable when hovering over the cards (only mouth, tail and back cards at the moment) 🥳 📆 V 2.42 - UPDATE 2022/03/05 🎉 You can now export and import your bookmarks (search and individual Axies) 📂 A time saver for those who wish to import and use their bookmarks on several browsers. 🛠 FIX | Update card information that have changed due to the 01/25/2022 balancing update 📆 V 2.41 - UPDATE 2022/02/27 ❌ Due to its unpopularity, AxieDex Alerts is now discontinued 😅 📆 V 2.39 - UPDATE 2022/02/01 🛠 FIX | Fix display of Axie modal when hovering over Axies bookmark 💪 📆 V 2.38 - UPDATE 2022/01/29 🌟 PRO VERSION ONLY - You can now see the current price and detailed information of bookmarked Axies by hovering over them in the sidebar 🔍 A time saver for those who wants to regularly check the price evolution of auctions 📉 📆 V 2.37 - UPDATE 2022/01/27 🎉 Use of official Axie GraphQL API ( as a fallback when main API ( is not working. A lot of people were reporting issues about data not being displayed sometimes. This should now be fixed 😊 📆 V 2.36 - UPDATE 2022/01/26 🎉 Add data refresh button on single Axie page. When traits data for an Axie seems to be not up-to-date or to not display at all, please click on the button to fetch the data manually 🙏 Again, thanks to Explorer for his API! 📆 V 2.35 - UPDATE 2022/01/25 🛠 FIX | Fix Axie bookmark feature. The bookmarks were sometimes not taken into account when opening multiple tabs. Now fixed 💪 📆 V 2.34 - UPDATE 2022/01/19 🛠Update Axies Information according to pre-season 20 Balancing patch 📆 V 2.30 - UPDATE 2022/01/09 🌟 New pricing & possibility of adding more than 1 alert 📣 In order to cover the costs related to the AxieDex Alerts system, alerts will now be available through subscriptions. Besides, AxieDex PRO membership fees has been changed to 25 dollars. 📆 V 2.25 - UPDATE 2021/12/18 🛠 FIX | Fix sidebar features (Alerts, Search bookmarks, Axie bookmarks) that were broken because of the 2021 Dec 12th Marketplace update 📆 V 2.24 - UPDATE 2021/12/17 🛠 FIX | Fix individual Axie pages data fetch 📆 V 2.23 - UPDATE 2021/12/11 - Shows Egg Hatching bar on Axie cards 📆 V 2.21 - UPDATE 2021/12/04 🎉 EBC Score - A new score value by EBC has been introduced. Display is optional and can be changed in the extension settings 🛠 📆 V 2.20 - UPDATE 2021/12/01 🎉 CREDITS ADDED - Credits to Explorers & Freaks added 😊 📆 V 2.18 - UPDATE 2021/12/01 🛠 FIX | Fix AxieDex Alerts display bug 📆 V 2.0 - UPDATE 2021/11/25 🎉 PRO FEATURE - AxieDex Alerts Beta Version - Get notified of the perfect Axies directly on Discord 📣 📆 V 1.35 - UPDATE 2021/11/17 🎉 PRO FEATURE - Added bookmark button in the Axie Details page 📆 V 1.34 - UPDATE 2021/11/16 🎉 Added EBC links as part of a partnership. Check them out! 💪 ✨ Updated cards that changed in the S19! 📆 V 1.33 - UPDATE 2021/11/15 🛠 FIX | Show breed count originally shown in the marketplace instead of relying on the API only. because it sometimes returned out-dated breed counts 😅 📆 V 1.31 - UPDATE 2021/11/13 🛠 FIX | Fix Axies information not displayed on Axie Details page 📆 V 1.30 - UPDATE 2021/11/13 🛠 FIX | Fix Axies information not displayed on pages with eggs 📆 V 1.29 - UPDATE 2021/11/12 🛠 FIX | Reset cache when Axie information is empty 📆 V 1.28 - UPDATE 2021/11/12 🛠 FIX | Make URLs with referrer works 📆 V 1.27 - UPDATE 2021/11/10 - Speed up the display of Axie information! It should be way faster from now 🏃‍♂️💨 📆 V 1.26 - UPDATE 2021/11/09 - Added the option to show auctions on Axie cards! Very useful to visualize which Axies will potentially have their prices go down 📉 📆 V 1.25 - UPDATE 2021/11/06 - Axie Highlight design improvements. The border is now highlighted with the selected color and the background color of the Axie Card is slightly tinted with the same color. Much more easy on the eye ✨ - Added the possibility of reordering bookmarks (Axies & Search) by drag-and-drop 🖱 📆 V 1.24 - UPDATE 2021/11/02 🛠 FIX | The [Hide Axies that do not fit the criteria] feature was bugged since 1.21 - Fixed it to make it work with both "Class" and "Gene" Purity 📆 V 1.23 - UPDATE 2021/11/01 - A copy-to-clipboard button for copying Axie ID added to the Axie cards 📋 📆 V 1.22 - UPDATE 2021/10/31 - Added the possibility to include the ears and eyes to the G purity calculation 🧮 📆 V 1.21 - UPDATE 2021/10/30 - Individual Axie boomark features 🔖 - PRO FEATURE 🌟 - "Genes" Purity Highlight feature added 📆 V 1.20 - UPDATE 2021/10/26 🛠 FIX | The Discord link was expired - I changed the link into one who has no expiration date. 🎮 📆 V 1.19 - UPDATE 2021/10/24 - A new purity value based on genes has been introduced. These genes will be calculated based on the similarity of the R1, R2 genes with the dominant genes. Super useful to find "printers Axies" ✨ This feature is optional and can be deactivated in the settings. - Some users asked me to add the 「Find Similar Axies」 button on the details page as well. I added it there as well. 📆 V 1.18 - UPDATE 2021/10/22 FIX - The Lagging - Mystic Rush card is now shown when hovering over its name on the genes table 🛠 📆 V 1.17 - UPDATE 2021/10/19 The font size on the genes table has been increased to make it more readable 👀 📆 V 1.16 - UPDATE 2021/10/17 🌟 PRO VERSION ONLY - You can now search similar Axies (based on dominant genes only) to those displayed in the search results page with only one click of a button. Very useful to find how many Axies are in the market with specific dominant genes 🔍 📆 V 1.14 - UPDATE 2021/10/16 🌟 PRO VERSION ONLY - You now have the option to hide (or show) Axies that do not fit your purity criteria reducing the amount of useless information in the page 🗑 📆 V 1.13 - UPDATE 2021/10/15 The ability cards are now shown when hovering the Axie traits (only for mouth, back, tail and horn parts) 🔍 📆 V 1.12 - UPDATE 2020/10/14 The Axie Marketplace made some modifications that broke the normal working of AxieDex. It is now fixed on version 1.12 🚑 📆 CAUTION - UPDATE 2021/10/11 Some bots left reviews saying that I do malicious things like steal passphrases and such. 😔 I do not do such thing. The app is free and has a PRO upgrade that is absolutely optional. All honest reviews are welcome! 🎉 1000+ users in less than 2 months! Thank you everyone for using AxieDex! Please leave an honest review if you used it 😁 More features to come in October 2021⚡️ AxieDex is the ultimate Chrome extension for the Axie Infinity Marketplace. It will enhance the display of the Axies listed on marketplace showing their number of breeds, their stats (health, speed, skill and morale), as well as their dominant, recessive and minor recessive traits. There is also a integrated bookmark system that allows you to bookmark your current search settings in one click. You can bookmark as much pages as you want and set a name for each one of them. For those wishing the find the perfect Axie, a highlight feature is also available making it extremely easy to find the Axies fitting your needs in terms of purity. You will be able to save your searched purity as well as the highlight color (see images below). # Privacy Policy AxieDex extension has no ads, no analytics, no trackers and no use of cookies. AxieDex will only store your email on Stripe in case of an upgrade to PRO features in order to track your order. Otherwise, AxieDex does not store, collect or track any user data. The extension makes API calls to third party APIs like Axie Infinity’s API, Explorers API to obtain data to display for enhanced visualization and Stripe for payment processing. The author of this extension has no control over how user activity is handled through those API calls.


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