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You need to be tough in order for you to be respected. At least, that is the condition you are in, since you would need to stand up for yourself, otherwise other people would just use and abuse you. Growing up in a slum area, you learned to stand up for yourself since the other kids are always pushing you around. If you would not stand up to them then they would think that you are just afraid of them. If this keeps on going, they would tell other kids and soon, more and more kids would just think that you are a push over. It would be bad for you since they would abuse you. As you are growing up, you learned that things aren’t going to be pleasant along the way as more tough guys are going to hand out in crowded areas. For them, to be tough is to be on rough of others. They don’t like to be friends and they don’t certainly need since they think that everyone is below them. That means, it would be bad for you since more and more people would just use you for their own needs. The idea of the game is to get to the other side, but that won’t be easy since there would be lots of obstacle coming your way. This won’t be the roadblock like in most games, but are people trying to kill you. They would have their own vehicle, which would make life harder for you. You need to make sure that those vehicle are destroyed and avoid getting some damage since you could only afford to take a few hits before you pass out in this game. This game is played with your keyboard and you would need to get those money along the way because they would be. This game isn’t easy, but keep on pressing on and you might find it more enjoyable.

How far can you go??
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