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Fireboy and Watergirl Online Games

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In this extension, you will find various small online original games or inspired by the original game named Fireboy and Watergirl.

For starters, you need to know that Fireboy and Watergirl is a game that can be played in single mode, but the whole adventure will be much harder and more complicated because you will have to deal with both characters.

The mission in this game is pretty straightforward to understand, namely, Fireboy is a small, red, fire-fingered boy who can get through the lava lakes without any problem, being immune to everything that is fire or flame, on the other hand, Watergirl is a tiny face, colored in blue and symbolizing water, it is immune to everything that means water, ice, snow, managing to get through these obstacles easily. 

Your mission is to coordinate your two friends and together with them you will be able to pass all levels of difficulty of the game by collecting red, green, blue, orange diamonds as well as additional lives that will be useful to you at the moment. which has to go through the heavy levels of the game. 

The game is divided into 5 sessions: Forest, Light, Ice, Crystal, Element, and each session has multiple levels. 

Also, many of the players of the game were filming while playing, and these videos have been added to the walkthrough category, where you can see exactly how you can get through each level, where you can learn some tips and tricks you can also leave a comment to tell the other players your experience of this game. 



What will this extension do?
After this extension will be installed on your Chrome browser, once you will click the icon extension, a new tab will open with a landing page of our site "" where you can find the games presented in this article. 

How the landing page will look like?
The landing page contains a single Google AD, in the header. The site is fully responsive, mobile-friendly, following the privacy policy, secured, without popups ads, and without misleading buttons or call-to-action.

Why install our extension?
Because in this way you will have your favorite games at a click away, secured and ready to play.


This extension is used to promote games from ZUZU. All the rights reserved by owners. All the images are used to illustrate the game and the game-play of this article and related articles. If this extension is in conflict with owners policy, please contact the developer.
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