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True Content

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最后更新时间 : 2017-03-14

分类 : 新闻天气

扩展大小 : 122KiB

版本 : 1.9.7

The Internet is facing a surge of fake, low quality content. The most talked about subject concerning this are fake news which affects each and one of us, both directly and indirectly. There are, though, many other sources of information which promote false and/or low quality content. This leads to a lot of people being mislead, misinformed and manipulated.

TrueContent enables Internet users to vote any type of online content through browser extensions. They are also able to share their opinion regarding the vote they cast. TrueContent is, in essence, a collective filter and rating system of content quality.

You will be able to vote individual pages on websites and your vote will count towards the overall rating for that page. You will also be able to say why you chose a certain page to be Trustworthy of Untrustworthy. You can check the detailed results on the TrueContent website and see what other users had to say about any of the pages they visited. 

The app icon is either red, orange, yellow green or blue, depending on the rating of the page. The extension also displays a number which is the rating itself. The higher the rating the better the content.

TrueContent is a non profit project, aiming to make the Internet better one opinion at a time.
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