Download All Images 插件

Download All Images

用户数 : 70000

最后更新时间 : 2019-09-16

分类 : 照片插件

扩展大小 : 85.79KiB

版本 : 2.4.0

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✔️ Super easy to use -- just click the icon!
✔️ Outputs all images as 1 zip file 
✔️ Can handle hundreds of images
✔️ Finds lazy loaded images
✔️ Follows links to original image
✔️ Only minimal permissions required

If you are looking for an extension to easily download a bunch of images at once you have arrived to the right place! After trying every other available "download all images" type of extension in the Chrome Web store, we decided to create this one. Why?

1) Every other extension has some crazy interface where you pick and choose images
➡️ CONS: Too much work to figure out these custom interfaces and even worse, sometimes these interfaces do not even work.

2) Every other extension will download image files one at a time
➡️ CONS: this is a *very bad* approach if you are trying to download more than 2 images at a time, it will completely paralyze your browser

This extension solves these problems in the following ways: ?

1) No fancy interface, just a start button. Click the button and download will begin. Once you get the zip file, use your already-familiar operating system to cherry pick the images you want to keep.

2) If you are downloading hundreds of images that is okay, because all images are zipped into 1 file. It will not crash your browser while the download is ongoing even if you are looking to download 2000 images at a time (tried and tested ✔️).
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