Image Autosizer 插件

Image Autosizer

用户数 : 4231

最后更新时间 : 2017-02-03

分类 : 照片插件

扩展大小 : 40.84KiB

版本 : 3.4

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Image Autosizer provides control over how image files are displayed in the browser window.

- Several display modes, changing how the image scales to the window
- Smooth/inertial panning
- Custom background color
- Optional checkerboard-background
- Option to close image on long mouse press

- First, open up an image file
- Click image to toggle the size
- Double click to fill image to window
- Press 'c' to temporarily change background color

There is a quick guide in the preferences with some additional details.

This extension was originally developed for Opera and is now finally available for Chrome! Chrome is quite limited in terms of viewing images, so this extension provides much-needed features for this purpose and should make your browsing experience more comfortable.
All feedback is appreciated. Many of your suggestions have been implemented in previous versions so keep them coming. I do this for free on my spare time, your response now and then helps motivate me, thanks!

Q & A
Q: This extension does not work!
A: Go to the extension's preferences and read through the quick guide. If it doesn't work only on certain pages, make sure you have enabled the extension for secure pages if you are surfing on one. Also remember that this extension only takes effect if an image file is opened. It does not do anything to images located inside an html-document.
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