Axon Guru 插件

Axon Guru

用户数 : 46

最后更新时间 : 2018-07-18

分类 : 照片插件

扩展大小 : 225KiB

版本 : 1.7.2

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This chrome extension helps Axon Guru users to upload images to stock photo websites.

Change log:
v 1.7.1: Fix tracking status for new Shutterstock interface.
v 1.7.1: Fix uploading process for new Shutterstock interface.
v 1.6.4: Fix uploading from local albums.
v 1.6.3: Fix a bug when signing out Axon Guru account
v 1.6.1: Upload metadata CSV form to Deamstime to enable one click submit 
v 1.6.0: Improve review tracking and batch submit
v 1.5.5: Adapt new domain name
v 1.5.4: Fix an uploading bug for Dreamstime
v 1.5.3: More robust uploading approach, fix bug, support FTP upload
v Support tracking Shutterstock approval status
v 1.3.3: Support uploading from search and filtered result
v 1.3.2: Adapt for Dropbox API v2
v 1.3.1: Fix Flickr image uploading
v 1.3.0: Add Oath2 support  
v 1.2.1: Style Transfer API HTTPS wrapper 
v 1.2.0: Apply style transfer for uploaded images
v New name. Save medadata automatically on Shutterstock
v Prevent popup during submission on Fotolia
v Prevent auto-prepopulate from previously submitted image on Dreamstime
v fixed a bug preventing filling metadata for submitting Smugmug images to Shutterstock.
v 1.1.1: added plugin detector for Axon Guru
v 1.1: modified Shutterstock plugin to support new Shutterstock contributor website.
v 1.0.16: Recognize uploading status, ShutterStock does not work now due to website changes.
v 1.0.15: Fixed Dreamstime uploading issue caused by Dreamstime's migration to HTTPS.
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