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用户数 : 571553

最后更新时间 : 2015-03-18

分类 : 照片插件

扩展大小 : 36.85KiB

版本 : 1.0

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Psykopaint is an amazing photo painting app where you pick one of the 6 brushes provided and start painting while the colors are selected automatically for you. 

Psykopaint offers some unique and rather unusual results. Unlike photo-editing softwares based on filters, it works by sampling colors of the original photo to create a new image.

Psykopaint offers an alternative to image manipulation techniques and could be considered as the missing link between photo-editing softwares (such as Photoshop) and painting softwares ( such as Corel Painter) 

Psykopaint offers a tight facebook integration allowing you to post your paintings on your wall in one click and share with the online community.

Feature roundup:
- Online painting tool to give your images an original painting feel.
- Unique brushes: interactives and fun, like the knife, ribbon or cannon. 
- Real time Filters: saturation, hue, brightness, contrast, tint in real time. New Filters will be added regularly.
- Regular painting mode offering some of the most expressive brushes from any painting tool available online
- Layers with blend modes. 
- Save images directly unto your computer.
- Share your paintings with a tight interaction to facebook and browse the gallery
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