BetterSRTV 插件


用户数 : 40

最后更新时间 : 2018-05-21

分类 : 生产工具

扩展大小 : 108KiB

版本 :

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Troupster has taken it upon himself to make beautiful. It needs love and he's here to give it. With ideas and help from the community, he will work tirelessly to fix any annoyances you may have.

-FFZ,BTTV, & Twitch Emotes FeelsGoodMan
-Fixed a bug causing autoscroll to not go down quite ALL the way.

-Added backup autoscroll to new chats, should help those who had issues with autoscroll (Thanks for helping JEM)

-Completely removed Race Controls panel
-Moved Control buttons to Announcements Header
-Removed Comment sectione entirely, as this is not currently visible anywhere on the site
-Fixed bug causing chat to display lower than username...again
-Added some patting to chat lines
-Removed margins around username
-Shrunk timestamps to 9px
-Reduced padding in all chat sections
-Fixed overflows, wrapping, and padding issues around all boxes
-Converted the backend of the extension to load from a background file due to website limitations
-Fixed a bug causing the new timer position to scroll off screen if window was too small
-Added shadow to timer text
-Reclassified all css as classes in separate stylesheet to prepare for possible options panel
-Added Brand new Status Panel with all Runner's current status/placement in the race*
-Added Current goal to Status header*
-Color coded status text for each runner
*This data isn't always loaded from their server, it may sometimes be unreliable if there's extensive users/actions

-Expanded Race Controls for the time being
-Moved race timer to navigation bar
-All elements now squish gracefully
-Changed when the script initializes, should smooth out some hiccups

-Removed Twitch Box Entirely
-Shrunk Runner Chat
-Shrunk Race Controls into previous row
-Shrunk Timer
-Moved Race Controls into previous row
-Moved Timer into previous row
-Added alternating colors for each line of chat
-Condensed 'SpeedRacing TV' into 'SRTV' in the Race Announcements Section
-Assigned a random color based on each users name.
 (Colors are pulled from the same basic list as twitch, using an algorithm)
-Added an outline to player names to make it easier to read
-Colorized entire row of text for when people finish a race (orange-red color)
-Fixed a bug causing chat to start displaying on the next line rather than next to the users
-Removed line at the top connecting tabs to sections
-Hyperlinks for new seeds (AND ONLY SEEDS) Are now clickable!
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