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Lucid Meetings for Google Chrome

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Better meetings, no excuses. 
Lucid helps everyone confidently run successful business meetings with a clear agenda, documented decisions and action items, and professional follow-up. 
Lucid connects to your calendar, prompting meeting organizers to add an agenda for each meeting.  Easily ensure all meetings have a clear purpose, capture meeting notes, keep dates and calendars in sync, share files, and get feedback to improve the success of your meetings going forward.

**Free 14-day trial on all subscriptions**

Getting started:
• Sign in with your Google account
• Run unlimited meetings with unlimited guests
• Start and join meetings from the browser extension
• Review and complete meeting action items in the pop-up

Agendas and scheduling before the meeting:
• Create meetings from your Google Calendar
• Find a time to meet with people outside your company using the built-in meeting scheduling poll
• Collaborate on the meeting agenda beforehand
• Add documents from Box, Dropbox, your online meeting space, or upload from your computer
• Send professional meeting email invitations and get automated reminders on everyone’s calendar
• Synch meetings directly to Google Calendar

Note taking and collaboration during the meeting:
• Run your meeting face-to-face, or with the integrated audio & screen sharing
• Use the meeting timers to keep the discussion on track
• Share presentations and documents
• Capture meeting notes, action items, and decisions together
• Engage participants with chat, votes, and interactive notes review

Meeting minutes creation and follow-up:
• Send meeting follow-up email instantly after the meeting, telling everyone what happened and what action items they own
• Export meeting notes to Basecamp, Confluence, or your desktop as PDF, Word, or HTML
• Get meeting ratings and collect anonymous meeting feedback to improve your process
• Review automated reports on the meeting’s effectiveness

Operational excellence for all meetings:
• Secure dedicated meeting spaces for each team and project to store private meeting records
• Create meeting templates to ensure everyone can easily run all the meetings in your workflow
• Built-in training for each meeting helps the meeting leader successfully follow your process
• Pre-built agendas, invitations and settings dramatically reduce meeting preparation time

Learn more about Lucid Meetings on our website:
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