BelkaVPN is Proxy, VPN to Unblock web-sites

BelkaVPN is Proxy, VPN to Unblock web-sites

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FREE VPN. Enjoy Fast and Private access to Internet with best VPN App 2019
BelkaVPN provides high speed access to 145+ VPN Server in 94 locations. No time limits, no band-widths limits, no simultaneous connections limits. Totally FREE VPN for your use.
Why should you use BelkaVPN Proxy?
#Encrypted Internet connection:
Belka VPN Chrome extension is more than a proxy. Our VPN encrypts your browser internet traffic to prevent any third parties from stealing your private data and following you online. 
#unblock restricted web-sites and apps:
By installing Belka VPN as Proxy for Google Chrome, you can easily visit any sites on the Internet, while maintaining anonymity. The Belka VPN extension presented free and ad-free VPN proxy service that provides a fast, secure and open Internet. No account or subscription needed to get started BelkaVPN. Just instal extension, follow guidelines, connect your preferable region from available locations and get advanced access to desirable premium content worldwide.
#Safety connect to unsecured WiFi:
With Belka VPN extension for Chrome, you can secure browsing on the Internet from any device that uses Google Chrome. Simply open the Chrome extension and enable Belka VPN with one click. Now transferring all your data, including banking information, passwords and more, is secure even when using open Wi-Fi networks.
#Mask your IP address and geographic location worldwide:
Our VPN allows you to change your geolocation in order to unblock any site on the internet and hide your local IP. Choose from over 145+ VPN server locations across the world. 
Make your browsing experience simplified by selecting specific VPN locations for your favourite websites. Our Belka VPN will automatically and fast connect to selected location anytime you access website URL.

#Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, Youtube, Skype and others access via secure connection;
# Big amount of server, 145+ VPN Servers in 94 locations worldwide;
BelkaVPN is a VPN service that protects you from data theft by using a virtual encryption shield ‘tunnel’ to secure your public/open Wi-Fi connections. Once secured, your communications are impossible for any intruder to spy on.
~~ Disclaimer ~~
China, Iran & Saudi Arabia are restricted to use any VPN services, we cannot guarantee that our VPN service will work there. We strongly recommend that you do not purchase Premium VPN subscription, even if you are able to download the application from WebChrome store or Google Play. Any warranty will be avoided in listed countries and we are not responsible for a lack of service.
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