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Productor for Merch by Amazon

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最后更新时间 : 2020-03-08

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版本 : 6.11.3

Productor for Merch by Amazon is a toolkit that puts your Merch by Amazon product management and research on steroids.

Easy Excel or Numbers Sheet (.xlsx) import & export, copy & paste, translation, re-listing, autofill and more!

Quick overview of the Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) of each of your products directly in your Merch by Amazon Dashboard! See the BSR of your competitors on every amazon platform (Germany, USA,...). Compare the Best Sellers Rank (BSR) of your designs with your competitors on Amazon. 

★ Data is stored locally in your browser, no external database or service needed!
★ Fast & easy Excel (.xslx) bulk import incl. price and colors
★ Bigger and better input fields
★ Auto check for banned keywords (Content Policy) - security for your listings!
★ Display Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR) on "Manage Products" and all listings of all Amazon platforms (Germany, USA, UK,...)
★ Display estimated sales for your products and the products of your competitors!
★ Extended "Manage Products" table to display "Brand", "BSR", "Reviews"-counter and faster access to "Edit" button
★ Display "ASIN" to create campaigns on Amazon Marketing Services, Amazon Advertising (AMS, AA) faster
★ Display estimated Sales and many more under "Manage Products" and Amazon search results
★ Smart and easy detection of copyright infringements! Distinct better between your MBA products or stolen ones on Amazon.
★ Right click on any listing to download high-resolution image
★ Copy and Paste incl. colors! Copy contents of one listing (own or others) and paste it into another.
★ Translate all form fields with a single click!
★ Focus Keyword extractor and analysis for every Amazon product
★ Never loose track of expiring Merch by Amazon products again. Daily popup for expiring listings for 60, 30 and 10 days including details and export function!
★ Improved Statistics and Analytics
★ Instant Notifications on new sales on MBA
★ Download high resolution images of any Merch By Amazon products, just with a single right click on the details pages!
★ Integration of edit and copy to clipboard functions directly into search results at amazon
★ Full export of all your products including designs!
★ Backup your Merch by Amazon
★ Trademark check of your listing included
★ Improved sorting and filtering of your products
★ One-click re-list of expiring products! (Re-publish your expiring product on merch by amazon with a single click.)
★ One-click cross-listing of existing products from US to UK or DE
★ Sort the table for any kind of information
★ Apply default colors, fit types, products and more for "Multiple products (BETA)"
★ Sort search results on amazon by BSR (Best Sellers Rank)
and more...

Streamline your workflow!

★ All-in-one toolkit for Merch by Amazon ★

Disclaimer: This is not an official plugin of Merch by Amazon or Amazon. There may be unexpected changes to the platform, which may cause the plugin to fail.
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