TVife: TV Finder and Watchlist

TVife: TV Finder and Watchlist

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最后更新时间 : 2018-10-14

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** UPDATE **
Web and android versions (pwa) of this app are available at


I made this app to keep track of my tv life - I use it to store my watch list, comments and reviews about movies, tv shows, anime.

Anyone can use this app, but since it is my hobby project, it comes "as is" - there's no one who moderates comments and reviews. If you see inappropriate content, click "Report" button at top-right of comment/review.

You can find and quickly watchlist anything in a couple of clicks, no matter the app or website you're currently using, be it imdb, kissanime or crunchyroll, and you can review movie/series and comment on movies/shows/episodes.

Registering is not required - click "Skip Login" button and get a temp account - you can attach your gmail account later on if you want.

You see Login screen only once - upon following opening of this app you'll see the last show on top of your watchlist, or just watchlist, if you don't have any shows.

**Public Mode**

All your activity is private, but you can share your watchlist by ticking "Public" in your settings.

You can see public users comments and reviews (if review has text and rating) in "Feed" tab. Also you can see public users watchlist (again, only items that have comment and rating set). But you cannot see public users episode watch history, and when the review has been last updated - only when item has been added to watchlist.

Regarding spoilers - it's not ok to spoil in reviews, but comments section implies that reader has seen the episode/show/movie in question.

Here's a short "intro" to this app:



1) Watchlisting items is done by going to "Search" tab and searching movie/show first, and clicking "Watchlist" button next to movie/show;

2) Also you can watchlist if you click poster/title anywhere else and click "watchlist" button;

3) Next time you open the app - you'll see last episode of latest show on your watchlist - you can leave your comment there for future generations;

4) On Watchlist tab - click on pencil and you can add review/rate your item;

5) If your review has comment, and rating from 1 to 10 - it will be "public" review, that is if you open the movie/show and select "Reviews" that you reviewed - you'll see your review, as well as other user's reviews (if any) about that item;

Here you'll see notifications - if someone upvotes your comment/review, or replies to your comment;

1) Here you'll see ALL actions that are going on in this app from public users - all comments and reviews (if they have a comment and rating from 1 to 10);
2) You can open movie/show and watchlist it;
3) You can click on user's name and view their watchlist;
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