RemindMeLater (Beta)

RemindMeLater (Beta)

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最后更新时间 : 2013-10-26

分类 : 生产工具

扩展大小 : 286KiB

版本 : 0.2.17

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RemindMeLater is a Chrome extension that is used to set reminders while browsing the web.

It's quite simple and easy to use, and can be used in a variety of scenarios, including reminders for,
- A website / article that you want to visit / read later.
- Any websites that you visit regularly.
- Events that you need to be reminded of, at regular intervals.
- A game title release date that you like to be notified of later.
- Watching an upcoming TV show / movie.
Or for just about any situation where you would need a reminder. Just setup a reminder with 'RemindMeLater' and quit worrying about forgetting or overlooking it.

'RemindMeLater' is designed to be customizable (check out the options page) and works while Chrome is working.

It indicates the number of reminders you may have missed, below its icon, on your Google Chrome toolbar (at the side of the address bar). All reminders you create are stored on the machine you create them on.

Note that this extension is currently in Beta.
Please report any bugs or share any suggestions for improvement you may have with us, using the options in the 'Details' or the 'Reviews' tab above.

* Using new notification mechanism (as Chrome has deprecated the createHTMLNotifications causing this to break).
* Added option for disabling sound (i.e. only visual notification).
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