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Gyazo Teams

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最后更新时间 : 2019-09-27

分类 : 生产工具

扩展大小 : 473KiB

版本 : 2.8.3

Gyazo Teams gives you the power to capture and share image links faster than ever. 
      With the official Gyazo Teams Extension you can instantly clip images from any website to share with your team, partners, and customers. Whether you want to share or simply save images wherever you do work, Gyazo Teams is perfect.
      To use the extension, just right click on the image you want, hover 'Capture', then click "This image" and the image will automatically be uploaded to with a unique URL. This link is copied to your clipboard automatically so it can be pasted instantly. When you want to go back you can visit the history page to see all the past images you have collected.
      Whenever you capture an image the original address and title of the page the image came from are saved as a comment. This allows you to see exactly where an image or screenshot came from, and click once to return to the source location.
     Use it for:
      Sharing data from a dashboard
      Adding images to presentations
      Giving design feedback
      Providing support
      Creating documentation
      Start collecting and sharing what you see instantly! 
      *Note: A Gyazo Teams account is required to use this extension -- learn more at and start sharing more with your team faster. For individuals you can use the Gyazo extension and also get more done with
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