YouTweak for YouTube™ - Subscription Manager

YouTweak for YouTube™ - Subscription Manager

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最后更新时间 : 2016-09-20

分类 : 生产工具

扩展大小 : 300KiB

版本 : 4.108

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● Remove Subscription Videos
● Remove Watched Videos
● Change the page clicking the YouTube icon takes you to
● Remove all subscription videos
● Load all subscription videos
● Collapse subscription groups

This extension aims to provide an improved experience for the popular video site, YouTube. First a little about me, I am a university student currently studying an MEng in Computer Science in the UK. I have been coding for the past 8 years and throughout that time I have been an avid creator and consumer of YouTube content. The reason for making this extension was to improve my experience when using YouTube and I have finally decided to submit this to the Chrome extension store in the hopes that it will aid you in the same way.

Remove Subscription Videos - This feature makes it easier to delete unwanted videos from your YouTube homepage.

Remove Watched Videos - This feature makes your homepage much cleaner by removing any subscription videos that you have already watched.

YouTube Subscriptions as Default Page - Enable me if you want the 'Subscriptions' page as your default YouTube homepage.

Clear All Videos - This will delete all videos from your subscriptions page.

Load All Videos - Allows you to load *all* of your subscription videos into view.

Collapse Subscription Groups - Allows you to toggle a the viewing of your subscription groups (Today, Yesterday, Last Week, etc).

More Information
More detailed descriptions, current issues and planned updates are available at

Final Note
If you installed my extension and liked it a quick moment of your time to rate it would be most appreciated, equally if you didn't like it I would urge you to leave a comment explaining your concerns so that these can be addressed for future releases.

Any bugs that are found should be reported to me through the GitHub issues page (

Thanks Matt

Programming - @Mattie432
Graphics - @getupWill
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