RIPS Extension - Validation 插件

RIPS Extension - Validation

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最后更新时间 : 2019-03-17

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版本 : 1.5.0

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Welcome to the RIPS Extension - Validation application!

This application will assist users of the RIPS system by showing a warning when certain fields are not correctly populated, and preventing the saving of data. Here's the details on each field:

1) UNHCR Case Number
- Support formats are:
  XXX-XXCXXXXX (new format)
  XXXX/YYYY (old format)
  XXX-APXXXXXXXX (new temp format)
  XXX-CSXXXXXXXX (old temp format)
  None (if client has no UNHCR number)
- X = a number, and Y represents numbers in a year.
- This extension also converts lower-case letters to upper-case, and converts the letter 'o' to zeroes!

2) Phone Number (Main & Other)
- Phone numbers in Egypt should always be 11 characters, so if the phone number entered is less or more than that range, an error will be thrown. If the phone number is 10 digits, a 0 will be added to the beginning IFF the first number is not already a 0. If the phone number is 10 digits AND starts with a 0, an error will be thrown still. The phone number field also converts the letter 'o' to zeroes and clears all random characters in the "Main" phone number field (letters, dashes, etc).

3) Date (not validated anymore, after updates to the RIPS system)

This extension will also warn users if a client is created and the client does not have dependent or vulnerabilities data filled out.

Other slight UI changes made by the extension can be seen on the github page.

Feel free to email me if there are any problems
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