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Email Unfo

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最后更新时间 : 2019-12-26

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版本 : 1.0

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Be secure and protected. Find out if you've been part of a data breach & get information about all data breaches with Email Unfo.

Email unfo is tool help you to find out if your email is part of any known existing data breaches.

A data breach is an incident that involves the unauthorized or illegal viewing, access or retrieval of data by an individual, application or service. It is a type of security breach specifically designed to steal and/or publish data to an unsecured or illegal location.

A data breach is also known as a data spill or data leak.

A data breach occurs when an unauthorized hacker or attacker accesses a secure database or repository. Data breaches are typically geared toward logical or digital data and often conducted over the Internet or a network connection.
A data breach may result in data loss, including financial, personal and health information. A hacker also may use stolen data to impersonate himself to gain access to a more secure location. For example, a hacker's data breach of a network administrator's login credentials can result in access of an entire network.

By utilizing Have I been pwned's API and DRASSLab API, this extension helps you understand to know about data breaches.
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