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Easy AliExpress Captcha Solver

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Solves AliExpress Captchas Automatically For You

Whenever you purchase products on AliExpress to drop ship, they make you solve a Captcha prompt - for EVERY. SINGLE. PURCHASE. 

What happens when you start selling a lot of products every day? You waste a LOT of time solving Captchas.

Who has time to say “No, I’m not a robot!” hundreds (or thousands) of times per day like most successful drop shippers?

Not us, and definitely not eCommerce business owners. 

That’s why the Easy AliExpress Captcha Solver we’ve made available is so helpful and makes your life so much easier.

Our Captcha Solver helps you with 2 big items:

1. Solving Captchas so you’re not tied to your computer all day…
2. Allows you to add your own AdmitAd code, allowing you to make commissions on your own orders with AliExpress…

It’s really that easy to set up and use, and it can save you hours and hours of time.

And best of all - it’s completely free to install and use. 

Our Captcha Solver works with pretty much all dropship software programs out there that fulfill orders through AliExpress, because they do NOT have a Captcha Solver feature (Only Dropified offers a built in Captcha Solver).

Here’s a list of Dropship Software that Easy AliExpress Captcha Solver works with:

- Oberlo
- Dropified
- DropshipMe
- SMAR7 Express
- ShopMaster
- Shopzie
- Ezusy
- Expressfy
- Upinus
- DSers
- Dropship Connector
…- and any other dropship program that fulfills through AliExpress and requires you to solve a Captcha!

About The Easy AliExpress Captcha Solver:

This is a project from the team at Dropified. If you haven’t heard of Dropified, it is a platform packed with tools and features to run and automate an Ecommerce business. Many of its features are focused on automating AliExpress so it is a perfect fit for anyone looking to save time and put their Ecommerce business on autopilot.
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