Reduce RAM Usage插件

Reduce RAM Usage

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最后更新时间 : 2019-07-23

分类 : 生产工具

扩展大小 : 294KiB

版本 : 1

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Have the best browsing experience ever with "Reduce RAM Usage" extension. Unused tabs will automatically be unloaded from memory after the time you specify. Tabs will load back as soon as you open them. Convenient and easy brand new tabs suspender helps you free up computer memory for important tasks. Please note that if you have enough memory, and the browser is your main task, then this extension may not help you. However, if you do not have a lot of memory, this can be a real salvation.

Removal "Reduce RAM Usage": left click on the toolbar icon (top right corner), click "Unsuspend: All", then right click on the same toolbar icon and click "Remove from Chrome...". It's all. 
Note that if you do not unsuspend the tabs, you can lose them when removing an extension. If you did not read it in time and it happened, please restore them from the browser history. 
Other extensions have the same problem due to technical limitations, but we are the only ones warning about it. We try very hard to ensure maximum quality and the best experience.
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