SimpleLastTab 插件


用户数 : 1000

最后更新时间 : 2014-07-17

分类 : 生产工具

扩展大小 : 4.45KiB

版本 : 0.94

A lightweight extension that prevents Chrome from closing when the last tab is closed.

It uses the naive and very simple method of opening a new tab when there is only one tab left.
Another way to look at it is that it try to ensure that there are at least 2 tabs.

Features event page to ensure that it unloads when not needed.
No options and nothing flashy to warrant a screenshot :P
Making this extension as simple as possible.

Decided to make this as Chrome Toolbox doesn't work anymore on recent Chrome versions.


0.94 [31/05/2014]
- set the active tab back to the first tab
- remove use of deprecated property

0.93 [22/04/2014]
- changed a deprecated api call
- hopefully fix unclosable main Chrome window if theres a Chrome app loaded as a separate window

0.92 [22/12/12]
- changed the delay method of the timer

0.91 [28/11/12]
- added a delay to the tab creation method

0.90 [26/11/12]	
- first version

KNOWN BUG (probably fixed):

As the function that creates the new tab locks for about 1 second to alleviate the problem of multiple new tabs opening on operations like using 'close tabs to the right' on a large number of tabs:

- there may be times where the new tab does not show up (e.g fast closing of tab, faster than 1 second when the function is still locked) or 

- there may be times when more than one new tabs show up (e.g using 'close tabs to the right' on a large number of tabs, slower than 1 second thus triggering the function again).
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