Dark Theme for Youtube 插件

Dark Theme for Youtube

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最后更新时间 : 2019-11-25

分类 : 生产工具

扩展大小 : 29.81KiB

版本 : 3.0

Dark YouTube is something new and unusual, I think you should try this. A YouTube dark theme has many advantages, for example, it doesn’t strain your eyes but also looks stylish and in a new way. Now with dark mode you can watch your favorite channels and interesting videos and not feel the tiredness of your eyes. Just install this extension with a couple of mouse clicks. The dark mode covers all the pages of YouTube in black. It also supports both HTML5 and YouTube Flash players. You can turn the dark YouTube theme on or off at any time. The addon has two dark theme for YouTube. Theme (A) uses standard CSS techniques to darken a YouTube page. Theme (B) uses CSS filters for this work. (use the button on the page to switch between these two themes). In addition to everything, you can also set a timer to turn the black theme on and off. Dark mode enhances the native dark theme, so it will be compatible with YouTube theme changes. Try this unusuall dark YouTube. Anyway dark theme for YouTube is really useful exension and I think it's that you looking for. YouTube dark theme not looks so banal and it will be different to anothers. Download dark theme for YouTube and also tell friends about that. I think that if you use YouTube often for work or just like spending time there, dark YouTube theme will irreplaceable thing.
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