Doc to PDF Converter - PDF转换插件

生产工具插件用户量: 14056大小: 1.07MiB版本: v 2.5.3更新时间: 2019-10-15
用户量:14056大小:1.07MiB版本:v 2.5.3更新时间:2019-10-15

Doc to PDF Converter是一款可以通过Chrome浏览器把word文档转换成pdf的chrome插件。

Doc to PDF Converter - PDF转换插件背景



Doc to PDF Converter就能完美帮助您,它完全免费且体积轻巧,非常好上手,能帮助您有效提高工作效率。

Doc to PDF Converter - PDF转换插件介绍

Doc to PDF Converter是一款可以通过Chrome浏览器把word文档转换成pdf的chrome插件。

Doc to PDF Converter - PDF转换插件功能

用户通过下载安装Doc to PDF Converter插件,将把您的“新选项卡”页面配置为“文档到PDF转换器”以提供各种文件的转换功能。


Doc to PDF Converter - PDF转换插件安装

(1) 将扩展迷上下载的安装包文件(.zip)解压为文件夹,其中类型为“crx”的文件就是接下来需要用到的安装文件
(2) 从设置->更多工具->扩展程序 打开扩展程序页面,或者地址栏输入 Chrome://extensions/ 按下回车打开扩展程序页面
(3) 打开扩展程序页面的“开发者模式”
(4) 将crx文件拖拽到扩展程序页面,完成安装


Doc to PDF Converter - PDF转换插件使用


The doc document is one of the most commonly used office documents by users. Although the doc document is very practical to use and has a very powerful editing function, the general doc desktop software will also become very large due to its powerful functions. , Causing the doc software to take up a lot of space on the user ’s computer.

The PDF format file is widely used and sought after by users because of its portability. It is a unique cross-platform format file developed by Adobe. It can display very accurate colors and precision in a variety of printers. Print effect. Word documents generally do not support direct conversion to pdf files. At this time, users need to install a professional software specially used to convert between doc files and pdf files in the computer.

Doc to PDF Converter can help you perfectly. It is completely free and lightweight, very easy to use, and can help you effectively improve your work efficiency.

######## Features ########
By downloading and installing the Doc to PDF Converter plug-in, users will configure your "new tab" page as "document to PDF converter" to provide various file conversion functions.

For a full overview please take a look at the FAQ or just install this extension. ;)

Thanks for using Doc to PDF Converter. :)


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